121 Training Sessions 

 I am a fully qualified dog trainer and passed my IMDT Assessment with a distinction! I am always continuing my education and keeping up to date with dog training. That is why we only use force free training methods (there are no harsh methods used here) when training your dogs to become happy well rounded members of the family! 

121 Sessions

121 Sessions are tailored to each individual to help with  specific issues you may be experiencing. Depending on the issues session will take place in the comfort of your own home or out at a local field.

Whether you have a new rescue dog that needs to touch up their life skills or adolescence has hit and you need a hand navigating through their teenage phase, there is no age limit for these sessions.

A few example of common topics for 121 sessions are recall, loose lead walking, settle & Jumping up. Get in touch to get your session booked in!